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Latte Art

Calcutta Brew cafe is located on the ground floor of Tiswa's Kitchen. Sharing the same central location at the heart of Park Street, Calcutta Brew is a fresher and more light-hearted approach to cafe classics.


We are talking freshly baked warm croissants, creamy Granola bowls, fluffy quiches, hearty Mutton pies and rustic Chicken Stew to nourish your soul! Top that with a warm (or cold) barista brewed coffee (or tea) and you are set for the day (or night..yes we are open for dinner too!)


Since Calcutta Brew is effectively the younger sibling of Tiswa's Kitchen, we thought to include some classic Bengali nibbles to pay our homage to the old Calcutta Cafe culture. 


Let those Adda sessions begin! 

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