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Sutapa Ganguly
Proud owner of
TiSwa's Kitchen &
Calcutta Brew

With an immense passion for cooking and feeding people, I started my humble venture into the world of food almost 15 years ago.

I slowly expanded my business to cater to the Corporate Sector thinking the young migratory population must miss the simple flavours of home cooked food in their office canteens. Securing the much-coveted reputation as one of the top food providers in the Kolkata IT Sector and serving 4000 customers daily, I am beyond humbled by the support from my customers and grateful for the experience, opportunities and adrenalin my business presents!

My heart though has always belonged to Bengali food. Coming from a traditional "Bonedi Bari", a customary feast is central to all our family gatherings and ceremonies which are generally quite large. Hence, cooking and feeding people fills my heart with pure joy!


Watching Ma, Thakuma, Didima and Boroma cook, it took me years to finesse the balance of flavours and master the family secret recipes. This restaurant has been a dream that has been cooking for a long time and is my sincere effort to pay tribute to all the Masterchefs in my home.  


The food you eat will not be "modern" but the classic flavours will be presented to you at their finest.


Hope these flavours sparks as much joy in you as it does for me when serving you!


Why the Calcutta Brew Cafe then you may ask? To honour the "Old Calcutta" style Cafe/Canteen culture and have a more relaxed spot for the "Adda Sessions" which is so typical to Park Street. Come say "Hi"!

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